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Cremation and Funeral Packages

Custom Cremation & Funeral Packages

At Darst Funeral Home, we understand your grief and your desire to hold on to your loved one as you best remembered them. Our cremation packages include:

  • Keepsakes
  • Memorial urns
  • Funeral DVDs
  • Jewelry

Each of our uniquely designed wooden urns is handcrafted by one of our skilled craftsmen, giving your loved one the honor and respect he or she deserves. Each urn is warm to the eye and scintillatingly smooth to the touch, creating an everlasting appeal for you and all other survivors.

Uses for Memorial Wooden Urns

The wooden urn we custom build for your loved one brings a special ambiance of peace to the memorial service, or a magnificent aura to the mantle at your home. Every urn is painstakingly fashioned from natural solid wood, majestically representing the life of the individual being mourned. Each urn is designed especially to house your loved one’s remains, dried flowers from funeral services, or earth from the burial site.

Unique Pendants that Represent Your Loved One’s Personality

In addition to urns, our skilled craftsmen have the ability to create memorable pendants in honor of your loved one. Each of these pendants is unique enough to become an heirloom that gets passed down throughout multiple generations of your family.

Finally, don’t forget about our memorable DVDs. With each DVD, you are allowed to provide 20 – 25 pictures that best represent the life of your loved one. We’ll add in 1 – 2 types of background music, based on your choosing, and add transition effects that make for an overall professional presentation.

Browse our cremation and funeral packages to see which one best suits your needs.