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Simple Graveside Service

Simple Graveside Service

Simple Graveside Service – $5,870.00

Simple Cemetery Burial Service

  • Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
    • Overhead & Utilities
    • Sheltering & Care of Decedent
    • Arrangement Meeting
    • Coordinating and Filing of Death Certificate
    • Retrieval of Mandatory Permits
    • Coordination with Other Parties
    • 24-Hour Availability of Funeral Director and/or Staff
    • Advisement and Assistance in Personalization of Merchandise and Services
  • Use of Staff for Graveside Service *per 2 hours
  • Handling and Sanitary Care of Unembalmed Remains
  • Refrigeration
  • Dressing and Casketing
  • Transfer of Deceased from Place of Death into Our Care
  • Transfer of Deceased to Cemetery
  • Funeral Coach (Hearse) *per 3 hours
  • Service Vehicle *per 3 hours
  • Flower Allowance – Casket Spray
  • Service Records (100 Standard Records)
  • Memorial Register Book

This package does not include a casket. This package does not include the cemetery property or cemetery charges. Ask your funeral professional about available cemetery property in your area and casket options for a more specific package cost or estimate.